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's life but also chang▓ed the

world, for instance, Nigeria

and China could share▓ an increasing closer business ties since then.

Before China's reform and opening-up to the outside world in 1978, the country had built up its industrial framew▓ork, b

ased on well-developed basic science and technology, he said. More than 20-years of close-up since ▓1949 had prevented

China's infant natio

nal industries from exposing to foreign competition and considerably scaled up before its opening-up, said Agbu. But he also pointed▓ out that this could only happen in particular time and space, in which globalization was not as overwhelming as in nowadays. He regretted that Nigeria lost the oppor▓tunity to build up its industrial muscle before opening up▓ to western world; otherwise emphasizing that instead of clo▓se-up again, taking advantage of globa


would be the only way for d

eveloping countries like Nig▓eria to achieve their own success stories. He listed livestock, automobile, IT, agriculture, power-generating, tra▓nsportation, energy and tele

com industries as basic i▓ndustries crucial to national economic independence and safety. Science and technology related to these industries c▓ould be included into basics. In th

e era of globalizatio▓n, Nigeria, a nation blessed of abundant oil and gas res▓ources, needs to learn China's experience on reform ▓and o

pening-up policy as well as its we


sidered s▓trategy of developm

ent basic science and technology in the country, said the NIIA expert. Man

y Chinese companies h▓ave entered Nigerian market to exploit business opportunitie▓s, especially in manufacturing sector, he said. Niger▓ian federal government and some state governments have established some Free Trade Zones to attract more

Chinese investments in the future

. On ene

rgy cooperation, the NIIA ex

pert said that Africa would like to accept Chinese companies as a new partner, in addition to western companies, on exploiting the con

tinent's rich natural ▓resources on the basis of lawful operation and caring for harmony with local communities and host countries, as w▓ell as taking social re

sponsibilities. China and Nige▓ri

a, both are

developing countries, sharing

many things in common, could reach win-win agreements on bilateral political and economic cooperation, said the expert. Mutual-respect and mutual-benefit could be a princi▓ple to boost economic and political ties between Chin▓a and Africa, he said. (By Qiu Jun)White paper: Modern scien

▓ce, technology in Tibet develop rapi

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